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​Shoulder Injections Under Direct Ultrasound Guidance

Shoulder joint injections are commonly used for certain conditions such as frozen shoulder, tendonitis, osteoarthritis, among others.

The administration of the injection to the shoulder depends upon the condition to be treated and must de determined by a Pain Management Specialist.

This procedure is an Ultrasound-Guided injection in the shoulder, and is relatively safe and painless.

A clear water based conducting gel is applied over the skin of the patient, in order to assist with transmission of the sound waves.

The doctor moves a hand held probe, called a Transducer (could be appreciated in the first image), over the targeted area.

The transducer emits sound waves and detects the rebound echoes from the tissue.

Images are created from these sound waves and can be viewed on the video display screen attached to the scanner.

The waves provide a clear view of the targeted area and help the doctor locate the correct site for injection.

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