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This treatment may prevent future need for surgery and best results are achieved when diagnosed early and treated promptly.

Symptoms of disc bulge/herniation of the cervical spine:

  • Neck pain, shoulder pain
  • Pain radiating to arm/fingers
  • Numbness and/or tingling in arm and/or hand
  • Weakness in arm and/or hand
  • Limited mobility and/or stiffness in the neck

Epidural steroid injections place steroid medications in a precise location around the nerve relieving pain by reducing inflammation.

These injections are performed with IV sedation and out patient basis.

The number of injections depend of many factors including but not limited to location and extent of the pain, how many areas are involved and how long the pain has been present.

A series of 3 injections may be necessary for maximum effectiveness as they will “build on each other” and provide long term relief.

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Cervical Spinal Pain