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Platelet Rich Plasma—also known as PRP—is a treatment method used in regenerative therapies to treat chronic illnesses.  PRP has emerged as a proven concept for both sports medicine as well as arthritis. Studies on athletes who underwent PRP therapy show that PRP is an effective treatment method for chronic tendinitis, making it a very exciting new treatment method for damaged tendons, ligaments, and joints.

The function of platelets:
To most people, platelets simply cause blood to coagulate. However, a key function of platelets that people don’t know about is cytokine signaling and the release of platelet-derived growth factors (PDGF) Cytokine signaling help modulate the inflammatory process while the release of PDGF stimulates healing.

How PRP Works:
The process works by speeding up the body’s healing process through the introduction of an individual’s own blood into the damaged tissue—be it a joint, a tendon, or even a ligament. As the platelets naturally degenerate and break down, it initiates cytokine signaling and releases PDGF in the vicinity of the damaged tissue, promoting the healing process.

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Platelet Rich Plasma